1. What is the Operational Model of

Ans: - Website and mobile app of provides an online platform to connect Buyer & Seller to Identify, Compare, Purchase and Sell Construction Products based on Specific categories, Brands, and locations in UAE.

Buyers have the choice of accessing the online store of the Seller based on their products, price, payment terms, delivery style etc. through our website or mobile app of

Sellers are given the option to select a specific Seller Package (Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver) through “Connect your Business” to cater to their Product category, Location and avail a variety of benefits which are associated with each Seller Package.

2. Can I register as both Buyer and Seller in

Ans: - Yes, You can register as a Buyer & Seller, but there will be two different accounts.

As a Buyer you can browse and connect with Seller’s online store free of charge.

The Seller account needs to have a subscription package for doing business. Depending on the Seller Packages selected, you will be entitled to the benefits mentioned in Product Category, Locations, Display of logo etc.

3.  Why Should I use

Ans: - Buyer: will give you access to an online store for thousands of Quality Construction products from qualified Manufacturers and Distributors in the comfort of your Site, Office, or Home 24/7.

Seller: will connect your customers even in remote areas and conduct business through our online store or mobile app. Our e-platform provides you with the option to upload/update your product details including brochures, images, inventory, set special prices based on order quantity, flexible payment terms and offer deals or promotions.

4.  What are the fees for Buying or Selling in

Ans: - It is free for anyone to log in and browse the products, suppliers etc.

As a Buyer you have the option to explore a wide array of products, connect with the sellers and negotiate directly in terms of payment and delivery.

Based on the selected one-time annual subscription packages, Seller have the flexibility to select locations, upload Products details, Images, Promotions etc. There is no commission for your sale, and Seller can directly negotiate with Buyer on prices and delivery. This makes it convenient and stress free for you to directly communicate with customer in a way that best suits your business needs.

5. Is it Safe to do business on

Ans: -  Our business model is to connect the Buyer and Seller through our Online platform. To ensure security of financial transactions, we do not collect Credit Card numbers from Buyer or Seller.

If you are a BUYER, during the Registration process we may collect certain information such as Name, Billing & Shipping Address, and preferred Payment method (EXCLUDING Account details)

If you are a SELLER, during the Registration process we may collect information such as Company Name, Trade License, VAT certificate, Account Details, preferred Payment method, Business type etc.

6.  How do I order products from Construction Solutions?

Ans: - You will need to first create a customer account in Construction Solutions and then proceed to order products from sellers.

7. How do I create a customer account?

Ans: - On the top right hand side corner, you can find an option "Registration", click on the link and start the registration process. Once done, you will be getting an email to verify in the email address which you have provided and after verification, a success email as well as a welcome email will be sent to your mail address.

8. What if I have a doubt/query regarding a product which I am going to buy?

Ans: -  After going into a product detail page, you can find an option "Technical Query" button, click on this and you can enter your details and our helpdesk team will get back to you within 48 hours of time.

9. Can I add a product to Wishlist? 

Ans: - Yes, you have this option available under Product Detail page. You just need to click on "Add to Wishlist" option.

10.  How do I track my order?

Ans: -  You can login to your account and go to "My Panel" option and there you would need to go to "Purchase History" option and you can see the order details. If any help is required, you can directly contact the seller through the phone/email which he/she has provided to you on time of ordering the product or you can contact Construction Solutions at our email/phone provided and we will gladly assist you.

11.  How to become a seller?

Ans: -  Once logged in as customer, go to My Panel and you can see a button "Connect Your Business". Click on that and follow the steps mentioned and you will get a verification email from the admin. Once logged in, you would need to purchase a subscription package in order to manage your products as a seller. After purchasing, you will get another verification from admin mentioning the details and you can start being a seller.

12.  Can I become as seller directly without being a customer?

Ans: -  No, you would have to be a customer first in order to become a seller.

13.  Can I manage my products without purchasing any subscription package?

Ans: -  No, you would have to purchase a package first before proceeding to become a seller.

14.  How can I raise a concern with the admin?

Ans:-  In your My Panel menu, go to "Support Ticket" and  click on "Create a Ticket" and enter the Subject & Description with a photo/image of the concern/error and submit. Admin will see the details and respond back and you can go to the same menu "Support Ticket" and see the list of all your concerns and the responses from the admin. You can chat from this option itself.